Saturday, February 4, 2012

MADES' Ang Grinfilds, champion best school paper in CALABARZON

Our school organ in Filipino, Ang Grinfilds truly made us blissful and ecstatic during the Regional Schools Press Conference Group Contest Awarding Day held at Lucena West 1 Central school, Lucena City last Feb 3, 2012  for winning as FIRST PLACE, BEST SCHOOL PAPER, Filipino category in Region IV-A CALABARZON for gaining the victories in the following: Second Place, Sports Page; Fourth Place, Newspage; Fourth Place, Ediitorial Page and Sixth in Layout Design. 

On the other hand, our school paper in English, The Greenfields , won First Place in Layout Design.

 I and our school paper advisers Mrs. Mariquit Bayas and Ms. Arreane Mamauag would like to express our deepest thanks to all the people who have inspired us in making this "masterpiece". Dr. Yolanda Carpina, our mother star, Dr. Elpie Bersamina Bergado , our guiding star; Dr. Editha Atendido , our charming star; Mrs. Florpina B. Galay, our mega star. 

We would like also to share this great moment to all the school paper advisers of Carmona who are also winning stars and our co-Starbucks stars namely- Nemirose Balisi De Capia, Shella Lloyd, Vicky Muelle, Princess Cherryl Amores-Cacatihan, Ligaya Hernandez, Corazon Cells, Mary Jane Cells and of course the Matapobres: Julie Anne Vertudes, Heidee Luna, Carmina W. Dones and the vilest of them all Michael Leuterio aka PUGO. 

Also we would like to thanks Pixelport, our excellent printing press managed by the Sleepless Stars Rodney Egonio and Millete Olaivar. Really we are so blessed to have you especially during the roughest moment of beating the deadline of entry submission. 

Also to all the school paper advisers of Cavite Province who are also cheering with us during the exhilarating moments when our school papers' name were being called as winners. We share this to all of you, our co-stars in putting our Division of Cavite in her unsurpassable glory. Most importantly, we also edify all our talented pupil-writers and cooperative parents in Maduya Elementary School for always being with us through thick and thin. THESE WINNINGS WON'T BE OURS WITHOUT YOUR UNPARALLELLED SUPPORT. 

And of course, we highly share and offer this victory to our ALMIGHTY GOD Who is the fountain and source of all the wisdom and wonderful things which affected in the realization of these blessings. Thanks GOD for this great pleasure we will truly treasure from You. Without You, our knowledge which is also from You will not work out for many positive ideas and come out with excellent results. We adore, glorify and love You, oh Almighty God. :D

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