Thursday, May 26, 2011

Carlo bade goodbye, forever...

(These are the article and the poem I composed for Carlo Navarro who passed away last August 2010 due to hemorrhagic dengue.I was his English teacher upon his untimely death)
Tita, if I will die, I want to wear my ‘sutana’... " Just like Anna Pavlova’s word “Get my Swan costume ready,” during his death scene in the movie Last Words, these were the statement whispered by Carlo to his Tita Lollie during the most painful and saddest moment of his life in the hospital.
Even during the last moment of his life, he never forget to think of his role as a servant of the Lord or being a Knight of the Altar. Even if he was very young, he wanted his classmates and loved ones to remember him as a good follower of the Word of God.
Carlo Navarro, 11, a Grade V-Crimson pupil of Carmona Elementary School succumbed to death last August 31 because of hemorrhagic dengue.
Medicines and outpouring prayers did not spare his very young life. His life was like a very short song full of melody, rhythm and emotions.
Carlo did not grow up in the fondle of his biological parents who are staying and working in Batangas, while he was in the caring of his aunt in Carmona, Cavite. His mother works as a cashier while his father sells popcorn in a small carnival in Batangas. He really had lived a very simple life of a lad who always wanted the caress and endearment of his mother during times of petty problems of a small boy like him. But he had showed he was satisfied with the love and affections given by his kind aunt. He never had asked for more. In fact, he was a very timid boy in school but was loved by his friends, classmates and teachers.
As Knight of the Altar, his ’kuyas’ have seen him as very affectionate, friendly and a submissive follower of all the duties and responsibilities that a ‘knight’ should comply in the church. He had never absented or came late in assisting the priest in all the Holy Masses that were assigned to him. He was an active boy during their Saturday Formations and a good listener to all the words that were given to him.
At his funeral, his classmates, loved ones and other relatives cried a river over a casket with a smiling boy in a ‘sutana’. Eulogies of outpouring revelations about his kind deeds and wonderful experiences with him were told and shared by his friends and ‘kuyas’ to the people who were at the church .
Truly Carlo’s life left an indelible mark in the memory of his classmates and teachers. If he was alive, he would have celebrated his twelfth birthday last October 21. His life might be very short and fast but the love for life he has shown to us was wonderful and meaningful.
Tita, if I will die, I want to wear my ‘sutana’...” Carlo is now wearing not just a “sutana” but a pure white clothes, with sparkling white wings and a bright halo while smiling down to us from heaven.

Carlo (third from left) with his friends who are also Knight of the Altar.
Requiem Carlo
I was upset...
You were absent since last week.
Your classmates said when I asked,
Appallingly you are sick.
Your mother’s letter arrived,
Informing us you’re in the hospital.
And surely will be fine,
To wear the smile you used to share.
Six days went by.
Still your desk is empty.
I’m now missing your hand in the air,
Wanting you to be noticed,
To stand,
And recite.
I know you really want to get well.
Really want to get well.
To be in school every day,
To play,
To laugh,
To interact,
To answer eagerly to my queries,
To brighten the day with us always.
Now I’m not upset anymore,
Yet you’re still not in my class.
I know I can’t hear your voice anymore,
So young,
So pure,
Like a melody.
I’m in a trance asking why
T’was so fast,
So abrupt,
Like a glance.
In my heart,
you’ll be cherished
Like a child.
In my mind,
you’ll be remembered
Like a song.
Do you really deserve it?
Just one sting
And you’re absent in my class