Monday, June 13, 2011

My South Korea Invasion: Day 6 with Powerpoint Sessions and Norae Bang Fun

The day greeted all of us with wide smile once again.... The usual routine of the training started as usual with the morning breakfast with seven menus mostly vegetables and fruits at 7:30 to 8:30 at the second level of Hunsan Gungi House. Picture taking always followed before leaving the billeting house, then a 30-minute walk going to Chonbuk University Computing Center for the training session followed.

The views along the ways seem to be always new to us. So we once again took pictures of them. We wanted all the things along the way to be etched in our memory through photos. We are sure that when we go back to the Philippines, we will reminisce all these experiences when we browse all the pictures that we've got.

The bicycle lane in every street in Korea is worth emulating. But it's quite hard to be adopted here in our country since every street is a frontyard of every Filipino House.
This advertisement wall is a also two thumbs-up sight in Korea. This is where they can post their notices and posters which are with uniform size. The posts will last for a week. It is not like in our country that we can see various notices and posters in electric posts, private walls, bridges and anywhere which are flat.
The streets are very clean too. Drainage systems are also well-planned.
75 percent of Korea's land is green.

Our lesson for the whole day was all about PowerPoint, with our training instructor Mr. Lee Yeongbeon, who is quite fluent in English and who knows several Filipino church songs because he shared to us that he once became a Korean missionary in the Philippines in the past. With Mr. Yeongbeon, was his volunteer assistant Mr. Mun Jeyeol. Mr. Yeongbeon use to have a sense of humor that made us all awake and alive until the end of the session, even though we asked to have a ten minute break after each subtopic, still we continued what were being asked us to do and accomplish. We have ten subtopics under his lesson, five of which were discussed in the morning and five in the afternoon.

After the morning session, we went to the restaurant for our lunch. This time we ate at Chinese restaurant where in we were served with fish fillet which tasted very Filipino.

After lunch, we went back to the training place, walked again for 30 minutes as the usual routine every after lunch. We once again were elated with the views of nature and the surroundings along our way.
The afternoon session continued smoothly when we came back. Aside from the instruction given by the instructor, we were guided by our handbook which was given to us during the Orientation Day of the training.

The training day ended at almost 4:50 in the afternoon. We expected we will go straight to the restaurant to have our dinner but we were surprised when we were led to a norae bang which means videoke bar. Every one was excited to sing and for having that funny activity aside from the usual routine that we did for the past few days. We stayed there for more than 90 minutes and all of us were given a chance to sing even though our voices are not that pleasant to hear. But we were amazed with some trainees who have nice singing voice like Mr. Raymundo Salazar.

When we were about to leave, one of the Korean volunteers distributed to us her souvenir token which was a decorated colorful paper mug which can be used as pencil holder.

After that, we proceeded to a Korean restaurant and feasted once again our dinner that has 12 side dishes. When we finished our dinner, we walked back going to Hunsan Gunji House. We took a half hour rest and then we were called by our supervisor to practice our dance presentation for the last day of our seminar or the graduation day. While we were rehearsing, five Filipino visitors arrived, they were the scholars from the University of the Philippines, Los BaƱos, Laguna whom our companions met in the Jonbuk city area. They were there as scholars of Chonbuk University pursuing master’s degree in different fields of works.

With them, we planned to have fun in the downtown of Jeollabuk-Do. They also taught us where to buy some souvenir items at affordable price, the places to visit and enjoy there, but unfortunately we were not allowed by the Koreans to go out. Our visitors went home at almost 12:00 o’clock in the evening. The days ended smoothly, and everybody has a good sleep after a tiring day…

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