Thursday, June 16, 2011

My South Korean Invasion: A Taste of Namo and Sashimi on Day 8

I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.”

These words from Heller Keller were the participants’ motivation to pursue and give their best shots during the eighth day of the training workshop.

Breakfast time is always fiesta time
Two more days left for the training; and we have two feelings: sadness and excitement. Sadness because the training will be ending soon despite the fact that we were still enjoying our stay in Korea and excitement because we were still curious of what activities were being prepared for us during the remaining days of our training in the vicinity of Chonbuk National University.

As usual we woke up as early as 6:00 A.M. Early riser participants were already waiting for their breakfast at the cafeteria and some were still arranging their luggage with things shopped from Lotte Mart yesterday and all the things given to us by the generous Koreans.

At 7:30 A.M, most of us were already gathered at the cafeteria for our breakfast. We finished eating before the tick of the clock at 8:00 A.M. Afterward, we went straight to our respective room to finally get ready for the day’s activities. At exactly 8:00 AM, we were fetched by the Korean guide and interpreter Myong Sook- Kim, who led the long walk going to the CNU Computing Center. After 30 -minute trail, we once again reached the place.

Miss Kim Young Sun discussing Namo web Editor

We met our new teacher, Ms. Kim Young Sun, a beautiful, exuberant and intelligent teacher together with her two assistants Park Jong Hee and Kim Jun Ho. After introducing herself Ms. Kim started to discuss about Namo WebEditor 2006. We were very serious and we digested all the ideas imparted by Ms. Kim.

After an exciting experience using the Namo WebEditor, we were given some time to relax and fill our stomach with sumptuous lunch, this time in a Japanese Restaurant.

The bicycle icon in the bicycle lane

Flowers and trees always abound along the way greeting every passer-by

At the lobby of the Japanese restaurant.

The Japanese cuisine


A billiard hall
Subsequently, after enjoying the sashimi and other Japanese menus, we took a long walk again going back to the ICT center and finally arrived at 1:00 PM. We met our second teacher for the day, a Doctor of Education, Young Min Lee. He is an engineer and doctor in Instructional Design and presently teaching at Vocational Education at Jeonbuk Mechanical Technical High School. He discussed about the interactive website address named We were very eager in learning the use of this website. We eagerly opened the different programs and we found out that there were many programs that Koreans have been designed for their instructional and educational purposes.

Dr. Young Min-Lee

At 2:30, we were visited by one of the highest officials in the Jeollabuk-Do Office of Education, Kim Young An, who is the superintendent in Jeonbuk Educational Center. Dr. Elias Alicaya introduced himself to give respect to Mr. Kim. They talk a little for a while before the superintendent left.

Jeollabuk-Do Office of Education, Superintendent Kim Young An (third from left)
Then, Dr. Lee continued teaching his lessons. At 3:30, we actively participated in the presentation of our impressions on the website prepared by the Koreans called At that moment, other topics were discussed like how to make instructional presentations and musical presentations using the website He also let us made our own instructional presentation and prepared a Powerpoint presentation on various topics. Dr. Elias Alicaya gave his best shot in presenting his work. A very artistic and comprehensive presentation was done. Other participants also joined in like Ms. Melanie Cantoria and me. Mr. Lee admired our outputs and really appreciated our presentations.

Dinner at Pyoke Restaurant

At 7:00 P.M , we spent our dinner at Pyoke Restaurant. It is a 30-minute walk away from the ICT center. Then, we went back to Hunsan Gunji House. Before the day ended, Dr. Elias Alicaya called for a short meeting. He discussed about the Cultural Presentation we have to show off during the graduation and gave some reminders for the next day activities.

Later on, we were visited by our two female Korean trainers who brought in some Korean wines and foods which we feasted together. We were so happy with the funny antics of Ms. Yu Eun-A, who was a great host together with our co-Filipino teachers in creating and showing various Korean folk games and jokes. It lasted until midnight.

At 12:00 A.M, we enjoyed a sound sleep on our bed, so satisfied with the great deeds we accomplished during that day.

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