Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Manila Ocean Park, A Place to Behold

I am an Air. In the Chinese astrology of the four elements of the Earth, I belong to that group. And I believe it's true. Air according to their elaborations symbolizes mental processes, language, intellect, reason, human communication and social relationships. Air signs provide the ideas that make things happen.An air person has many ideas to share. He may lack grounding, however, and tries to do too many things at once.

And as an air element, I love water very much. Air literally can bend water and together they can build characters, events and phenomena. That's why I was totally ecstatic when I visited Manila Ocean Park yesterday.

The place is an arrangement of spectacular marine life sequenced from the shoreline scenery going to the deepest abyss of the ocean. These were done creatively to help both young and old visitors to understand fully the living things in the water world. It is a world class sight which will really fascinate everyone. The amenities are expensively created and furnished.

Hope you could visit the place too so you could say that we humans are very fortunate enough to see those wonders in the oceans which are magnificently created by God for us to take care of.

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