Wednesday, February 29, 2012

AGAPP Questionnaires for Partner School

     The following are the Aklat, Gabay, Aruga tungo sa Pag-angat at Pag-asa (AGAPP) Questions that they required to every interested and applying school for them to be qualified as recipient of Silid Pangarap Program, a classroom donation project spearheaded by Presidential Sisters Balsy Aquino-Cruz and Pinky Aquino-Abellada. Maduya Elementary School tried its best to apply but unfortunately it was declined for not enough classroom  site.
  Silid Pangarap is the component of the program that provides the physical space and material resources. This involves the design, construction and furnishing of the school-community library and preschool classrooms  

1. Tell us about your school’s vision for the community that you serve.
The school head, teachers and various stakeholders labor and collaborate to develop and produce Filipino youth who are proactive, vibrant, civic-spirited, forward-looking, globally-competitive and God loving who actively participate in and contribute toward the building  of humane, healthy and productive community and will serve as catalysts of Carmona’s epithet as Center for Investment and Sports.

2. What do you know about the situation of children aged 0 to 8 in the community and specifically about the situation and needs of the families and children already served by your school?

            Carmona nowadays is one of the melting pot of migration of laborers and their families in the province of Cavite because of the municipality’s continuously increasing numbers of locators and investors who create jobs and productions. Brgy. Maduya is the biggest barangay of this municipality with geographical size of 4,255 sq.m. Maduya is also a gateway from the South Superhighway when one exits to Carmona, Cavite. It is imperative to note that its Kindergarten pupils’ population continuously increases as years go by as migrant workers flock in this barangay since it cradles two big business subdivisions: the Golden Mile Business Park and the Paseo de Carmona.
            At present, Maduya Elementary School has five (5) Kindergarten classes with total population of 136. It has only one allotted Kindergarten classroom so the remaining 3 classes use the school’s ancillary buildings like the Guidance Center and the School Library.
            Additionally, two buildings of the school, the Bagong Lipunan School Building and LSB Building  are already dilapidated and  continuously deteriorating. These buildings were established in 1974 and 1983 respectively.

3. Why do you want to participate in the AGAPP School Partnership Program? What do you think are your responsibilities as project partner and how do you plan to fulfill those?

            As a bridging leader, one must be an optimist in every situation, concern and problem in the school. And this AGAPP School Partnership Program is a blessing and an opportunity for us to grab. It will remedy our school’s classroom insufficiency and will give hope and happiness to our Kindergarten pupils who are the beneficiaries of this program. It will also concretize the DepEd’s Universalization of Kindergarten in the country. My responsibilities and my plans to fulfill as project partner are just simple A E I O U: Accept the project willingly and whole-heartedly, Educate the teachers and stakeholders about this project; Include parents and external stakeholders in planning for its sustainability; Oblige everyone on their part and role they can share for its smooth implementation and Unite all the linkages for additional support for its improvement and further development.

4. What will you do to ensure that “Silid-Pangarap” will be maximized for children’s benefits?

            I do believe that every facility in the school should be maintained, loved and utilized to its fullest to ensure maximum benefits. The “Silid-Pangarap” in my school, if ever it will be granted and blessed to our school will not only become a mere classroom but a classhome which is suitable for the readying-to-school toddlers. As a school head, my usual way of tapping tolerant supporters to help for the maintenance, improvement of our “Silid-Pangarap” will be done.

5. What do you plan to do to ensure that the activities and programs linked to “Silid-Pangarap” will be sustained and will continue to improve.

            One of the Key Reform Thrusts of the BESRA is the Continuous School Improvement so I will be planning to create a core group headed of course by the Kindergarten Teachers which will manage the smooth flow of the operation. It is also my responsibility to supervise and guide them toward the path to its sustainability and great improvement. We can make Silid Pangarap sustainable and improved through the support of internal and external stakeholders which our community has plenty of. It is only through our tantamount initiative and resourcefulness that we could find credible and best school partners.

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