Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Early Registration Day for Kindergarten and Grade I at MADES

The Department of Education released the DepED Order No. 4, s. 2012 entitled “Declaring January 28, 2012 as the Early Registration Day for SY 2012-2013 to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Objectives of Education For All (EFA)”.

I and the Grade 1 teachers.
With the theme: “Makapag-aral ay Karapatan Mo, Magpalista Ngayong Enero”, it aims to achieve universal participation among all five –year old and six year-old children to ensure their enrolment to Kindergarten and Grade 1 next school year and the completion of their schooling. It also targets all the incoming first year high school to enroll in public secondary schools and all the out-of-school youth from the disadvantaged groups of the indigenous peoples (IPs) and street children ages 5 to 18 years old in their preferred education delivery system, either formal through alternative delivery mode (ADM) or alternative learning system (ALS).

It can be remembered that the DepEd has started the implementation of  the universal public kindergarten program in the school year 2010-2011 to prepare children about to enter primary school.
According to DepEd Sec. Armin Luistro, achieving the universal preschool education otherwise known as kindergarten will prepare physically, socially, emotionally and mentally all the five-year old children for formal schooling, hence, increasing the children’s chance of surviving and completing formal schooling, reducing drop-out incidence, and ensuring better school performance.

It was learned that around a million drop-out of school before reaching grade three and most of them don’t have the opportunity or did not undergo kindergarten or any sound preschool or early childhood education.

With the special participation of local and barangay officials, a massive advocacy campaign for the early registration of the out-of-school children and youth with difficulties, and the regular pupils and students was undertaken at all levels since last January 2, 2012.


Maduya Elementary School did it share to follow the abovementioned memorandum. Early as January 27, the day before the set date of the early registration, the school principal, Mr. Noel S. Ortega has talked with the PTA Officers headed by Mrs. Rosalie Papa and requested the barangay captain Hon. Danilo Tenedero for support like the provision of service vehicle and a generator to be used by the assigned teachers for the public address during the registration day.
Mrs. Lilia Ortiz, the guidance counselor is read for the public address in the community.
Division of Labor
Furthermore other core group were assigned to make other important tasks.

Kindergarten Teachers: Accept and register possible and legitimate kindergarten entrants.

Grade 1 Teachers: Accept and register possible and legitimate Grade 1 entrants.

Grade 2 Teachers: Prepare tables and chairs in the covered court to accommodate parents and their children for registration.

Grade 3 Teachers: Review their respective pupils for the upcoming National Achievement Test.
The Grade 3 pupils of Mrs. Marilyn Abad during the review for NAT.

Grade 4 Teachers: Do the ‘public address’ for information dissemination and advocacy in the community.

Grade  5 Teachers: Prepare the lunch of the teachers during that day in the canteen.

Lunch time for free courtesy of the canteen.
Grade 6 Teachers: Review their respective pupils for the upcoming National Achievement Test.

Aside from the public address conducted by the assigned teachers while the registration is ongoing, the officers of the PTA also did the house-to-house campaign which really was able to make the community cooperative and responsive.

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