Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Opening Remarks during Cavite Province Journalists' Day 2012

Let me say a best morning to all of you!!! Why best? Because it is a Journalist Day.
Dr. Elpidia B. Bergado, Division Supervisor in Secondary Filipino
and OIC in Educational Media  during her opening remarks during
the Journalists' Day 2012 and Post Valentine Party in Tagaytay City.
If happiness has a face, it would be that of a Cavite school paper adviser. Yes, a Cavite school paper adviser with big delighted eyes and  an ear-to-ear smile, beaming at his/her young journalists and hugging and shouting with co school paper advisers and everyone around. For six years – and counting!- the joyful face of everyone in every awarding ceremony, served as a landmark in the map of regional and national schools press conferences and Cavite as an oasis of abundant winners in CALABARZON..

The audience while listening to the opening remarks.
Behind these, of course, is a legendary enterprise of trustful, high-caliber, dedicated, intelligent and united school paper advisers of the Division of Cavite. Of course, there is no “Hall of Fame Award for Being A Champion for Six Consecutive Years”. Or “International Schools Press Conference”. Or “Division With Most Number of School Paper Advisers to Win as Outstanding School Paper Adviser of the Philippines Award. Or “ School Paper Advisers in a Division who have Camaraderie to Make the Division a Perennial Champion Award”. But if there were, Cavite Province would win them all.
Worthy of a celebration, we are now here at the stadium of Tagaytay Science National High School to reap what we sow. We are convened here to give significant recognition for your winnings in the Division Schools Press Conferences Group Contest results.  My dear school paper advisers, my greatest congratulations to all of you. You are the champions of our division. For without you, the winnings won’t be in our hands.

I and my friend Ms. Rhea Angeles,
a principal in Imus, Cavite.
As the number 1 division in CALABARZON, we should not rest on these laurels and accolades, we should rather continuously spread our wings higher and keep soar to a greater and farther heights.

My dear champion school paper advisers of great power and camaraderie, it’s difficult to be a number one. And since we are now Number one, it’s also very saddening and shameful to become number 2 next year. Let us always be ready and on my part, I do always know that you are very much ready and cannot wait for the next year to compete. And I thank you for that. But although we had reaped numerous and significant achievements, it is still a long way to prepare for more victories in the future. Thank you for your unwavering commitment of  always being with me in my vision of making Cavite Province par excellence in educational media. Thank you, my dear school paper advises for inspiring me to the highest level and for always making me very, very happy every after schools press conference. The experiences that we had and we will always have will be indelible memories in my mind.

Again, continue spreading joy and happiness in your young student journalists through making them winners. Through their victories, we become champions. A champion division which is unbeatable and enviable to others. Let the other divisions be jealous, as long as they do not know the secret ingredients in our recipe to this success.

Thank you is not enough but still I am saying this. Thanks for all your love, support and enthusiasm. I know that through this, God is also happy for our perennial victories. Again, Happy Journalists’ Day and belated Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! Let’s stay to be happy and continue spreading happiness everyday!
Good Morning!

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