Friday, March 2, 2012

Earthquake Drill at Maduya Elementary School

In consonance with the guidelines on the conduct of National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill, Maduya Elementary School conducted the earthquake drill, March 1, 2012, which was participated in by the teachers and pupils from Kindergarten to Grade 6.

Since earthquake is an unexpected event and disastrous, everyone must be ready for it everyday and every hour to avoid or lessen the loss of life and more harm to humans.

This endeavor which was spearheaded by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) particularly Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) was done simultaneously all over the country.

In Maduya Elementary School, the Science teachers together with the principal conducted some lectures to the pupils during the flag ceremonies about the earthquake and the guidelines the pupils should follow if earthquake occurs. Afterwards, they went inside their rooms and after a while the signal was sounded for them to demonstrate the drill on how to get to the safest place in the school.

The pupils seriously followed the guidelines on ‘duck, cover and hold’ to make themselves safe during an earthquake.

All in all, the holding of the earthquake drill at Maduya Elementary School was done successfully  and fruitfully.

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