Tuesday, February 11, 2014

EBB: Elpidia B. Bergado, Everything Becomes Brilliant

              Elpidia Bergado who? With modesty, let me count her ways.
        Excellent Educator. Dr. Elpidia B. Bergado is an enormous teacher, embracing friend, enduring mentor and enthusiastic division education supervisor who possesses one of those rare minds that can express profound thoughts which she always turn into credible action
and brilliant outcomes. I met her in 2004 when she was just an understudy of the former officer-in-charge in educational media in the Division of Cavite. Totally electrifying and exceptional in her performance when she was appointed as the OIC in educational media in 2006, who from then on has etched an indelible mark and has elevated Cavite in an indestructible legacy as eight-time champion in the Regional Schools Press Conferences. She pushed us to perform task extensively with her exceptional project and programs in journalism which we select trainers and facilitators have worked out intellectually, cooperatively and joyfully through the years until we came up into the realization that our Cavite team was already so strong and became an epitome of success for the other divisions and a bastion of victories up to the national level.
Dr. Elpidia Bersamina Bergado, Division Chief Supervisor

           Luminous Light. When she became our officer-in-charge in educational media, the life of the school paper advisers in Cavite took a gargantuan change. I consider her as our guiding star who gives us directions and kind words to pursue further and continue dreaming higher to gain more dignity and glories. After beguiling us with so much love, camaraderie and teamwork, there is no denying that she is be the best educational media supervisor that Cavite has ever had. She is a person who displays a systematic and an impressive leadership which I personally wanted to duplicate now that I am already a school leader. She’s a twin sister of luck. She’s awesomely lucky both her personal and professional life that’s why she wanted to share it tremendously.
Mam Elpie is always a loving mother to all the school paper advisers and campus writers. Her radiance is so powerful and divine.

           Pleasurable Panacea. She is a cheerful person with lots of laughter to share. She could heal a weary heart. She’s always a medicine to our burdened spirit. Sometimes she’s bubbly and witty. She shares jokes and nice experiences leavened by dry humor and even gentle mockery. Her persona is always warm and, for one or two gracious moments, reveals childlike inquisitiveness. To her close friends, she is a nostalgia. To her family, she’s a gallant knight in shining armor always coming to the rescue. To the school paper advisers, she’s a power and hope of their dreams fulfilled. For the young writers who come and go year after year, she’s a love they will never forget and an angel that they accidentally met along their way.
Everybody likes to be close with her, she exudes inner beauty everyone admires and praises.

            Incomparable Icon. In an almost a decade of impressive shepherding, she has shown a lot of paths, directions and panorama of spectacular experiences to all the school paper advisers and young writers. Sometimes collegial, sometimes nagging, but always a hands-on leader, she drives her growing team of faithful helpers to ever greater efforts to disseminate information and strategies about campus journalism. A leader who is unwavering in sight and incisive of vision. A leader who is far superior and most ardent champion in Calabarzon Region. She has produced the most number of Outstanding School Paper Advisers of the Philippines and Outstanding Campus Journalist of the Philippines among the 16 other divisions in the region. But humble in victory, she just used words, action, conviction and character to inspire, unite, educate and “even give birth to dreams”.
The Cavite collaborative team, is once again the 2014 RSPC champion, with Mam Elpie as their inspiration.

           Daring Dynamo. Over the years, he has proven to many that her passion and humanity equal her service. She has come full circle in her role as educational media supervisor replete with worthy endeavor and jubilations. I really admire her leadership. She is the answer to the clamor for good governance. She is the unmistakable sign of leadership who can convince everyone that a bright future is in store for them. She has led Cavite in a reform full of good and fruitful harvests. Her discipline is rigid and intensive. She loves driving us crazy over training our young writers to the last drop of our blood. But this daring and bold actions brought us delights and dignity in the end. Her devotion for work and more works interrogatively marvels us. She’s a working dynamo who doesn’t want to stop winding to produce brilliant results.
            Important Influence.  Today, as Cavite campus journalism’s consummate playing coach, she is described as foxy, unpredictable, sometimes infuriating. She always surprises us with her visit to monitor the journalism programs in every district. She wants to make sure the continuous progress of our endeavor. Very intense! She totally wants us to really move on to what are expected for us to do. But we could always say that she is a refreshing enigma that up close, is really so easy to understand, to admire and to follow.
Mam Elpie is always number one in everybody's heart.

            Amiable Admiration. Truly, Mam Elpie, has shared with us a remarkable memory in campus journalism; as our dreams of victory were fulfilled, and as evidence of what passionate works can accomplish. She’s amazingly affable and worthy of emulation. What Cavite will become without her. She will always be remembered. In the bottomless part of our heart, she’s incomparably THE BEST. And as she comes full circle in a passion-filled life, the vision she holds before us embraces us, then we make it our own.

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